Detecting Twitter trolls using natural language processing techniques trained on message bodies (2018) by Courtney Falk.
When Russian trolls waged an organized disinformation campaign during the 2016 United States presidental campaign, this was actually only the latest such incident. Social media platforms are being co-opted in order to spread divisive messages. Because natural language processing remains a difficult problem, sites are struggling under a deluge of data. The work in this paper uses basic natural language processing and machine learning techniques to investigate how well troll detection can work. An early version of this work was presented at Circle City Con 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Classifying cyber threat actors using an ontological approach (2018) by Courtney Falk and Tatiana Ringenberg.
A cyber threat actor is an individual or group that carries out cyberattacks. They are one of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to threat intelligence, but also perhaps one of the most difficult to define well. This paper applies the logical principles used in designing ontologies to the task of describing categories of cyber threat actors.

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